How do you eat your nuggets?

When you hear that you're having Yummy Dino Nuggets for dinner, what do you do?

What's your favorite meal of the day?

One giant bite

Play with them first
and then eat one bite
at a time

Dunk them in ketchup

Stampede toward the
kitchen table - I'm hungry

Do your happy dance

Ask if you can invite one of
your buddies to dinner

Lunch, because then
there's recess after

Breakfast, because that's
when I do my
crossword puzzle

Dinner - that's when I get
to see my family
and my pets

Like you, Bronto loves to bring the fun to everything, even dinner. It's a chance to bring together all his favorite people and make them laugh.

Curious and friendly, Herbie loves to explore and discover. And because he's always learning something new, he'll always have something interesting to tell you.

Outgoing and talkative, Petra usually spends dinnertime catching up on all the stuff that happened during the day... and always seems to be the last one to finish her meal.

Equal parts funny, friendly and talkative, you've just made a whole bunch of prehistoric buddies.